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Prices include calling out and either repairing or diagnosing the fault with the appliance and include the first 30 Minutes of engineers time. The work is covered by a three month guarantee and repaired by our fully qualified service engineers. Our Engineer will call you 30 Minutes before arrival.

Our Charges are as follows; Freestanding Appliances are £99.00 to £119.00 Fixed Price Repair (Exclusions apply), Built in Appliances are £67.00 plus parts,

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dishwasher repairs repairs

All completed repairs come with a 3 Month Parts and labour guarantee on work carried out and are repaired by our fully qualified service engineers. We are also able to call you before our engineer arrives. It a good idea before booking your service callout to make sure that we do cover your area. Square Deal euronics do cover an extensive area in Bedfordshire, Essex, North London, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire areas.

A service you can trust

We at Square Deal Bedford understand how much of an inconvenience it is when your washing machine breaks down and is in need for repair. We have been established since 1975 and Sell, Rent and Repair domestic appliances such as Washing machines, Washer dryers, Tumble Dryers, Electric Cookers etc. We take pride in our service to you the customer and to back this up we give a six months warranty on our repairs. Whether it is your washing, washer dryer or maybe your tumble dyer or electric cooker that has gone wrong you can be sure that we will give you a professional service that you can trust. On the day of your appliance repair you are able to ring us and we will give you a 2 hour time slot on when our engineer will call. We are also able to give you a call 30 minutes before we arrive to let you know that our repair engineer in on their way to repair your appliance. We can normally call out to you to repair your appliance within 48 hours on when the fault is first reported to us for repair.

dishwasher repairs repairs

More Information about Bedford

Located in the central-northern part of Bedfordshire, in eastern England, and also its county town, Bedford has been attested since early medieval times, as proven by historical sources documenting the reigns of various Saxon kings. The settlement was built on the River Great Ouse, which has, throughout the centuries, been an important source of sustenance for the developing local population. In 1166, during the reign of Henry II, Bedford became a borough, which entitled it to political representation and also granted it a merchant guild. Concurrently with that of other medieval settlements in the region, Bedford's economy was centred on agriculture and commerce. Due to its larger size and central position, it became the area's main trading point, with various commodities available, out of which the main one was wool. The 12th century marked notable social development, as the first place of worship was established, referred to as Newnham Priory, and the first school was built, under the patronage of the priory. During mid 16th century, more precisely since the 1560s, a new branch of the textile industry, lace production, became prominent in Bedford and remained an important part of the area's economy for centuries . The population declined on several occasions due to contagious illnesses, particularly during the bubonic plague outbreaks of 1575-1576 and 1578-1579, yet recovered afterwards. During the 17th century, by 1670, navigation of the River Great Ouse was accomplished in the region, which furthermore facilitated commerce. Starting with the 18th century and its technical improvements in engineering and architecture, which resulted in many new constructions, Bedford underwent a moderate expansion. According to historical records, one of its most profitable economic sectors at the time was the brewing industry. At the beginning of the 19th century, between 1811 and 1813, the Town Bridge was built, taking over the functions of the former bridge, built in medieval times, which had become less reliable. The 19th century was one of intense change, which saw the rapid progress of the industrial sector as well as new ways of travelling, as railway services became available in 1846. There was a substantial improvement in living conditions as well, as commodities such as gas lighting, piping and sewage were gradually introduced. However, sanitation remained unsatisfactory for a long tine and there were two major cholera outbreaks in 1832 and 1849. A notable public area established at the time was Bedford Park, inaugurated in 1888, which has remained the main park in the municipality to this day. Also, Bedford's first hospital opened eleven years later, in 1899. Along with major organisational and social transformations, the 20th century brought a variety of industrial activities, such as aircraft building (which only lasted briefly) and brick making. Nonetheless, farming remained one of the main sources of sustenance. Living conditions also improved at a fast pace and in a mere hundred years the population doubled. Local culture flourished and was complemented by the opening of a library in 1935, an art gallery in 1949, named the Cecil Higgins Art Gallery, and later, two museums, Bedford Museum in 1962 and Bunyan Museum in 1998.

Cheap low price Appliance sales and repairs including washing machines , dishwashers , electric cookers , washer dryers , built in , and freestanding 
Cheap low price Appliance sales and repairs including washing machines , dishwashers , electric cookers , washer dryers , built in , and freestanding

Cheap low price Appliance sales and repairs including washing machines , dishwashers , electric cookers , washer dryers , built in , and freestanding 
Cheap low price Appliance sales and repairs including washing machines , dishwashers , electric cookers , washer dryers , built in , and freestanding